Expressing Your True Colors

Purposeful Color

Palette Purpose by expressingyourtruth featuring a white blazer When you get a palette based on your body colors, you can bu...


Palettes: Color Profiles (TM) and Color Me A Season. See Portfolio and Makeover Assists

Savory Harvest Color Profiles Fan

Beautiful Gentle Autumn client with her new fan,

"Savory Harvest"

CMAS & Color Profiles Testimonial

"My Color Analysis!!! This is a custom color palette...if you look closely you can see how the colors of the swatches are found in my skin, hair and eyes. So cool! ... I highly recommend taking a look at Jane Reka's blog."

"Jane is such a joy to work with and provides a fabulous analysis! I am thrilled with the results of my analysis and love the color fans that I received! I had the pleasure of seeing her in person and was very pleased with her thoroughness. Jane provided me with a lot of information that has helped me find my own style and she has continued assisting me with my color and style journey. Finding your own colors is a very personal and individualistic process and I really appreciate Jane's ability to listen to my perspective while simultaneously providing her professional, masterful opinion. I highly recommend hiring her! Thanks again Jane!"

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