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Purposeful Color

Palette Purpose by expressingyourtruth featuring a white blazer When you get a palette based on your body colors, you can bu...


Palettes: Color Profiles (TM) and Color Me A Season. See Portfolio and Makeover Assists

Palette Purpose

When you get a palette based on your body colors, you can build a wardrobe that has colors for different intentions.  You can read about this in David Zyla's book, but also in Jane Segerstrom's and others.  Jennifer Butler also uses this model and it must come from Suzanne Caygill.

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The colors in your hair and eyes provide a grounding effect when worn as your neutrals - for suit separates, handbags and shoes.  Your neutral colors are for formal and informal use.

see: Neutrals by Season

My hair is darkest brown, reading black

The colors in your eyes -- particularly the lights of your eyes - used as your neutrals, provide a balancing and stabilizing effect when worn.

analogous and complementary colors to hair and eye colors:


Your skin tone colors are worn to express vulnerability and connectedness, especially in building relationships.



Most people will wear an off white that is in their season's chroma.


The colors found in your veins are your natural dramatic colors. These can be used for when you are making presentations or negotiating and you want to make an impact.
My veins are blue/teal and purple.




The color that you blush is your Romantic red.  This color's purpose is creativity.  It is also wonderful for celebration.  Wear responsibly as it can excite passion.

Celebrities in Romantic Reds:


Lipsticks by Season
You can match makeup to your fan colors.


Colors that are near the above colors on the color wheel, as well as analogous and complementary colors will also be on your palette.

"Blue Blood"

My Caygill season is Patrician Winter
Color Profiles palette

I began my main blog, EXPRESSING YOUR TRUTH, "critical thoughts on all things type and season" 5/26/11. I also have a collection of style and other quizzes. I started my EYT Forums page to focus more on Color Me A Season. I became certified in Color Me A Season after training at the end of 2014. I was analyzed as a Patrician Winter, when given a Caygill analysis by Anne Sagendorph Moon on 12/5/14. I began using Color ProfilesTM palettes in May of 2015.

I discovered, while doing genealogy, that I am the great granddaughter of Willi Aeppli, a Waldorf educator with Rudolf Steiner, color and temperament philosopher. My late father, Felix Leu, was a world reknown tattoo artist. There are many other artists and psychologists in my family.

 I have a B.A. in Psychology from Reed College '87 and an M.S.W. from Portland State University '92. I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotist, and Reiki Master.

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