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Palettes: Color Profiles (TM) and Color Me A Season. See Portfolio and Makeover Assists

Color Profiles

The Color Profiles System

See How Color Keeps You On The Success Path
These fans are on average $70, (depending on how many sticks are included, usually about 17).  The service of creating your personalized fan (including the fan price) is $300 online and $350 in person ($15 additional shipping and handling fee).
plus postage and handling

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"Wearing flattering colors that extend and compliment your personal coloring is one of the first steps toward improved appearance. We choose each individual's best colors from a source of more than 3000 hues.

The Color ProfilesTM' system is non-seasonal and is totally individual. Each client receives a custom portfolio consisting of fabric swatches of the selected colors.

Benefits include:
  • Hue Representations of Colors that Simulate Your Hair, Skin, Skin Undertones, Blush, Eye Color and Variations Upon these Themes. 
  • Other Colors That Compliment Your Personal Coloring A Frame of Reference for Evaluating All Colors Related to Your Personal Color Profile.
  • A Color Wardrobe Plan Where Clothing Pieces Mix and Match. Utilization of the Psychology of Color Through Clothing Color Choices for Specific Situations.

Five Reasons Why Superior Color Consulting Will Benefit You:
  1.  You will have a frame of reference to guide you in choosing the best colors for your wardrobe, accessory and make-up selections 
  2. You will be able to combine more unusual color combinations. 
  3. You will save money by avoiding colors and clothing that don't work in your wardrobe. 
  4. Your wardrobe will become more coordinated and versatile. 
  5. You will appear more attractive, competent and comfortable in colors that flatter you."
"Color Profiles one of the original color design systems in the field of personal color analysis, has been in continuous operation with its original owner since its inception in 1974. Truly custom color analysis is an option using the Color Profiles system. It is possible for the consultant to use a variety of approaches for conducting a color consultation. Color Profiles is known as the premier color system.  Color Profiles produces and provides color analysis materials to help image consultants deliver outstanding color analysis services. Today’s color analysis materials are the best ever available to Color Profile consultants because of the relentless innovation and improvements that have been made since the system was created. A number of other image consultants have abbreviated color systems inspired by Color Profiles. Color Profiles was started in 1974 by Debra Lindquist and Cynthia Heinemeyer."

Color ProfilesTM - Lindquist Associates