Expressing Your True Colors

Purposeful Color

Palette Purpose by expressingyourtruth featuring a white blazer When you get a palette based on your body colors, you can bu...


Palettes: Color Profiles (TM) and Color Me A Season. See Portfolio and Makeover Assists


You now have your Color Profiles fan and/or CMAS Season!  Now what?

Not necessarily in this order...

  • Read  How to Use Your Fan
  • Go through your closet and see what you have that already works!  Go through all your categories, separates, blouses, dresses, shoes, accessories, jewelry (metals), etc.
  • Correct your hair color and style for your season, aiming for the most natural and harmonious with your fan.  See my blog on hair below.
  • Don't throw anything away for now, put it int storage for the first month to be sure you are happy with your new colors/season.
  • Make a shopping list, using a Wardrobe Planner, or get a personalized planner.
  • Save what you love by modifying it so it works - Refashioning! Downloads for Type 1/Spring, Type 2/Summer, Type 3/Autumn, Type 4/Winter
  • Write a Testimonial!

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"Dusky Love"
NOTE: Summers actually look best in all one color, or different shades of the same color
Summers don't usually have yellow in their palette but could use a buttercup as an accent.

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